24 April, 2015

More Workshop Photos - Washington State

Casey Klahn - lecture on the Artist's Ideas. I appreciated the attentive artists who were eager to learn.

Demonstration of landscape painting - Skagit Valley area, Washington State.

Floral demo.

Casey Klahn

La Conner, Washington area. 
Dakota Art Center Workshops.
Dakota Pastels.

All Photos: Evelyn Brody.

21 April, 2015

Workshop Washington State

Casey demonstrating landscape painting at the Dakota Workshop Center, Mt Vernon, WA.
Photo: Coizie Bettinger.

18 artists and I enjoyed painting with respect to one's individual voice and ideas in the historic La Conner, Washington area last week. I painted 4 demos and 1 or 2 resolutions of student works. The class was attentive and eager to learn, and I am grateful to Dakota for this first opportunity to teach at a national workshop center located right here in my home state.

My workshop schedule updates. I am dreaming of teaching in Provence, Germany and Italy in upcoming years, as well as NYC and many venues throughout the USA. Dates for those TBA.

Timid Barn on the Slough Shore Road. 2015 9.5" x 16.75." Pastel and Oil. Casey Klahn.

10 April, 2015


Mountain Sunflowers. 2015. Pastel & Compressed Charcoal. 14" x 14.25." Casey Klahn.

06 April, 2015

Plastic Flowers

Plastic Flowers Electric Boogaloo. 2015. 20" x 12.25." Pastel, Oil & Compressed Charcoal. Casey Klahn.

03 April, 2015

Crown of Thorns

Christ with Crown of Thorns (1450~)
55×39 cm / Tempera on Wood.
Fra Angelico (@1395-1455)
Location: the dome in Leghorn, It.

31 March, 2015

29 March, 2015

The Moonlit Forest

If Moonlight Touched the Forest, Would That Perfect It? 2015.
11.3" x 7"
Pastel & Graphite
Casey Klahn

23 March, 2015

Saint Petersburg

Meeting The Master, with Odd Nerdrum.
The writer Torgrim Eggen interviews Odd Nerdrum at the cultural heart of Russia, visiting the Hermitage Museum, the State Russian Museum, St. Isaac's cathedral and the Repin Academy.

I toured the same museum and sights in Russia last August. In this video, Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum is paying hommage to Rembrandt, in the same manner that I paid hommage to Matisse when I went to St Petersburg. Read I Ascended Alone, where I recount my own life-changing trip.

22 March, 2015

Red Dirt Twilight

Red Dirt Intimidation, Intimacy and Insouciance. Twilight. 2015. 15.25" x 11.75." Pastel, Oil, Vine Charcoal, and Graphite. Casey Klahn. Demo painted in South Carolina this week.

14 March, 2015


1 Piece in the Shape of a Daisy. 6.75" x 12.5" Pastel. Casey Klahn.
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